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The Standard "GUYcard"

Humorous, but makes a statement that "Guys have a right to be "Guys"!

Price $1.99 Each  or  5 for $5.95

(Multiple cards may have various icons on the front and different information on the back.)

Current Cards Available
1) The Standard Card - has Guy Rules & Pick-Up Lines on the back.
2) The Engineer's Card - has Guy Rules & a Decimal Conversion Chart on the back.
3) The Pool Player's Card - has Guy Rules & Pool Tips on the back.
4) The Gambler's Card - has Winning Poker Hands & Pick-Up Lines on the back.
5) The Beer Card - has Guy Rules & Beer Knowledge on the back.
6) The Blackjack Card - has the Perfect Blackjack Strategy on the back.
7) Still Available in limited quantities - The "Discontinued" Standard Card - has Revocation Rules on Front.

Other Products (Available Now !)

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The "Guy" Coffee Cup.  This cup make the statement that "Guys have a Right to be Guys". (Both front and back of same cup shown)

Price $6.95


Surprise your wife!
Buy a set of six Guy Cups for the house.
Believe me, it's a gift she won't forget!

Price $24.95

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The "Einstein" Coffee Cup.  Be proud that your smart - show that you passed the "Einstein" Test!

Price $6.95

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Win at Blackjack !

Learn a Simple System for Counting Cards, includes:
1) 2 GUYcards with the Perfect Basic Strategy
2) A Tutorial on a simple card counting lesson
3) A Modified Strategy for advanced play

Price $5.95


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Ordering Information

Please send a check or money order for the price shown payable to: "Davis Enterprises"

Davis Enterprises
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Lenexa, KS  66285-4277

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For the Standard "GUYcard" please include $1.99 for each card or $5.95 for 5.

For coffee cups, please specify either, "The Guy Cup" or "The Einstein Cup".

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