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The Einstein Test

Answer to Q6.  The load of lettuce now weighs 50 lbs. If it started out as 100 lbs. and was 99% water, this means that 1% or 1 lbs. is "lettuce matter".  Then 50 lbs of the water evaporates from the lettuce  (dehydrates), so that the 1 lbs. of "lettuce matter" is now 98% of the remaining 50lbs. 

Question #7 I have given you a small task to complete. You must tie a rope completely around the earth at the equator.  Let's assume that the earth is exactly 25,000 miles in circumference.  So you procure 25,000 miles of rope plus about an additional six inches to tie the knot; you finish the task and then you call me to inspect your work. I'm not impressed and I tell you that you can't leave the rope laying on the ground, you must brace it up on wooden stakes to keep it at least one foot above the ground all over the earth.   How much additional rope will you need to make this change? 

a) About 6 feet more.

b) About 60 miles more.

c) I just need a small piece to hang you!


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